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International    Membership

Membership is free to all International women and men. We welcome persons from groups such as the diplomatic, military, business, and academic communities who are living temporarily in the Ottawa region. Please, contact us at and one of our Membership Coordinators will get in touch with you.
We look forward to you joining us!

Canadian   Membership

We welcome Canadians who are interested in adding to the experience of the international members' lives in Ottawa, by actively sharing their Canadian culture. The membership period runs from July 1 to June 30. The cost is $40.

For the first year, new Canadian members are encouraged to participate in a variety of programs, then to join a program committee in the second year. Committees consist of Canadian and an International member where comradery and creativity make each year exciting!


 As a volunteer group, Canadian members are     asked to:

·         actively participate in fulfilling the goals of            the ICO
·         participate in club programs & events
·         attend two annual Canadian meetings
·         pay membership fees

To become a member contact us at: 

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